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June 20, 2013 / jenwithboys


If I’m being completely honest, I’ve got to tell you this blog is going to change direction asap. I’ve been reading over my posts, all six of them, and frankly, they suck. I mean, they’re not me. The harsh reality is, I’m not a sweet, nice mom of boys who loves crafts, maxi dresses and cooked fruit desserts. No, that’s not me.
It’s just, as much as I love reading blogs from women my age with their cute haircuts gushing about their babies and their recent trips to Costco with their hapless husbands, I am not one of them. Heck, I don’t even have a husband. And I used to have babies, now I have short people. Strike that. Two short people and a teenager. And unlike all these crazy goofs having children in their thirties and forties, (while married!) I chose a much more unique path. Well, chose is kind of a strong word. Heh. Heh. Hey, as the popular saying goes, I didn’t choose the single mom life, the single mom life chose me. (Insert another round of awkward, self conscious laughter here _____.) And as I’ve told myself countless times, there may be something said for doing everything backwards. There must be.
Anyway, my blog will be more of the oh crap, can you believe that happened?! Rather than Hey!Look at the cute pictures of my babies and all the crafts I’ve made!
But oh, the laughter. In fact, I’ve learned that sometimes the hardest way to do things produces the funniest stories.
So there.


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